📖WETBOT - Introduction

An economic bot with the ability to create items, achievements, quests, income roles, select menu roles


Support server


  1. Manage Server (For tracking invitations)

  2. Manage Roles (For giving and taking roles)

  3. Manage Channels (To create auto-voice channels)

  4. View Audit Logs (For the correct running logs module)

  5. Read Messages (To maintain statistics and get answers when setting up the bot)

  6. Send Messages

  7. Send Messages in Threads

  8. Manage Messages (To automatically delete responses when setting up the bot)

  9. Attach Files

  10. Mention @everyone, @here and All Roles (everyone and here does not mention, but mentions configured roles for notifications)

  11. Add Reactions (For memes and giveaways)

  12. Use External Emojis (The bot uses a lot of external emojis)

  13. Move Members (For auto-voice channels)


pageGeneral commands🛒pageShop commands🎒pageInventory commands👤pageProfile commands♾️pageContext commands🔨pageAdmin commands


📦pageCreate items🏆pageCreate achievements🆙pageCreate bonuses channels📑pageCreate quests🌀pageWormholes🎨pageCreate wormholes styles🛍️pageCreate category for shop🎭pageCreate income roles🎁pageCreate gifts (manager-gifts)📜pageSelect menu roles

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