♾️Context commands

Contextual commands are executed by calling the context menu of the message or the user by pressing the RBM or pinching with a finger (for mobile devices), then selecting the "Applications" menu.

RBM - right button mouse

For mobile device users - pinch with your finger

🔨 - the Administrator permission is required

Command nameCommand descriptionUsage

Remove components from a message

Message -> RBM -> Apps -> Delete components

Change the message content

Message -> RBM -> Apps -> Edit message

Embed to JSON

Convert embed object to JSON format

Message -> RBM -> Apps -> Embed to JSON

Get avatar

Get the user's avatar

User -> RBM -> Apps -> Get avatar

Like the user

Like a user

User -> RBM -> Apps -> Like the user


View user profile

User -> RBM -> Apps -> Profile

Repeat the message on behalf of the bot

Message -> RBM -> Apps -> Repeat

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