🏆Create achievements

Guide to creating achievements

To create an achievement, you need to execute the command /manager-achievements

After clicking the create achievement button, a window with settings will appear where you can configure the achievement and select the type of achievement. Types of achievements with which questions arise:

  • Custom goal - you specify yourself what needs to be done to complete this achievement (Note that the participant will not automatically receive this achievement, only administrators can give this achievement)

  • Spend XX hours in a voice chat - The member will have to spend a total of XX hours in a voice chat (There must be more than one member with the microphone turned on. ! Bots do not count as participants in the voice channel ! )

  • Get XX likes - command /like

  • Bump the server XX times - it all depends on the bot you use for monitoring (Standard commands /bump, /up, /like)

  • Find all items - Extraordinary rarity items are not counted

In the "Edit Achievement" panel, you can change the name/ add items related to the goal/ change the achievement emoji and so on

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