♦️Receiving currency, experience, reputations

To set up receiving currency/experience/reputation, you need to execute the /manager-settings command and select Receiving currency, experience, reputation in the drop-down menu

Level factor: 10 (Each new level, the amount of experience to the next level increases by 10)

  • ️For the message: Awarded for a message in non-excluded text channels. Excluded channels can be configured in "Channels".

  • For activity in voice channels: Awarded for one minute of communication in non-excluded voice channels, with the microphone turned on and with at least one person. ⚠️Activity in voice channels is considered if there is more than one PERSON in the channel with the microphone turned on. ⚠️Activity with the microphone turned off does not count

  • For the invitation: Awarded with one invitation to the server. ⚠️To correctly track the invitation, the bot must have the permission to "Manage the server". This permission is required to view the invitations and their changes.

  • For bump: Awarded for one server bump with the help of commands from other bots. For example: /bump, /up, /like

  • For like: Awarded for another user's like (/like). Awarded to both users (the one who sent the like, the one who received the like)

  • For an item found for the first time: Awarded for the item that the user found for the first time.

When you change the "level factor" parameter, the bot will automatically change the user levels in accordance with the new level factor.

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