What's it? What are they for? How do I create it?

What are wormholes?

These are events that appear in a certain channel at a certain moment

What are wormholes for?

This is one of the many ways to get items, currency, experience, reputation

How wormholes are works?

As soon as the wormhole appears, you have a chance to take all the items from it. By chance, it means that after a while it may disappear or another user may take it.

Creating a Wormhole

To create a wormhole, run the command /manager-wormholes create <name>

In this panel, we configure:

  • Style (not required) - a guide to creating a style

  • Item - the item that will drop out (Item/currency/experience/Reputation)

  • Chance - chance of spawn from 1% to 100%

  • Webhook - a webhook that will send a message

  • Amount - the minimum and maximum amount of dropped item/currency/experience/reputation

  • Lifetime - the lifetime of the wormhole in the channel

  • The number of spawns - after the expiration, the wormhole will turn off

After all the settings, you need to turn on the wormhole

To see what a wormhole will look like, you can execute the command /wormhole-spawn <name>

🎨pageCreate wormholes styles

Editing the wormhole

To edit the wormhole, run the command /manager-wormholes edit <name>

Copying a Wormhole

To copy a wormhole, run the command /manager-wormholes copy <wormhole> <name for new wormhole>

Deleting the wormhole

To delete a wormhole, run the command /manager-wormholes delete

View all wormholes

To view all wormholes, run the command /manager-wormholes view

Viewing wormhole information (public command)

To view information about a specific wormhole, run the command /wormhole <name>

Thematic achievements

  1. Touch the wormhole N times

  2. Spawn the wormhole N times

🏆pageCreate achievements

Thematic tasks for quests

  1. Touch the wormhole N times

  2. Spawn the wormhole N times

📑pageCreate quests

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