Privacy policy

  1. We store information about user IDs, server IDs, channel IDs, role IDs. This information is used exclusively for the correct operation of the bot;

  2. The information is stored for 7 days, from the date of removal of the bot from the server. After 7 days, it deletes all information about the server and its users that was during its presence. Your information is stored under reliable protection and is not disclosed to anyone for an unknown reason;

  3. We do not store or request your personal data;

  4. All information in personal messages with the bot is published at your own risk;

  5. We do not disclose personal correspondence with the bot to third parties.

Why do we store information for 7 days from the date of deletion? In order for the bot's erroneous kick not to delete all created content, as well as all premium subscriptions.

Last modified: 06.03.2023

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