👤Profile commands

The commands are available to all server users.

Command nameComman descriptionArguments


Viewing achievements


/cookies buy

Buy cookies


/cookies give

Give cookies to the server



Viewing Invitations



Annul the marriage



Get married


/profile-edit description set

Set Profile Description


/profile-edit description delete

Delete Profile Description


/profile-edit banner set

Set a profile banner


/profile-edit banner delete

Delete Profile banner


/profile-edit birthdate set

Set the date of birth

<day> <month> [year]

/profile-edit birthdate delete

Delete date of birth



View profile



Viewing quests



Set your own properties for the rank card



View profile card


The following commands are available only to server administrators.

Command nameCommand descriptionArguments

/trophy give

Give a trophy to the user

[user] [trophy]

/trophy take

Take the trophy from the user

[user] [trophy]

< > - required argument [ ] - optional argument | - OR

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