🎭Inventory roles

To view the inventory of roles, enter the command /inventory-roles

Ways to get roles in the inventory:

  1. Remove a role from a profile

  2. Open from an Item [ITEM CREATION GUIDE]

  3. Buy on the market (/market)

  4. Get in the giveaway (/manager-giveaways)

  5. Get rewarded for a quest [QUEST CREATION GUIDE]

  6. Receive when transferring from another user (/transfer-role)

  7. After creating a custom role (/custom-role)

  8. With the admin command /give role

  9. Get rewarded for an achievement [ACHIEVEMENT CREATION GUIDE]

Conditions for removing a role from a profile

In order for the role to be removed from the profile to the inventory, you must use the /role-properties command

In the role properties settings menu, set the "Can be removed" property to the "Yes" position

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